Central to our temporary shelter is a rehabilitation program comprised of a structured workday in and around the Mission. The individuals who generally take part in this program are those to whom life has dealt a heavy blow. Through various circumstances in their lives their world has come apart and they need to bring it all back together. They attend daily classes teaching biblical moral values and principles as they apply to the life of man and developing life skills. Upon successfully completing and graduating the "G.R.A.C.E. Program" the individual is presented with a "Certificate of Achievement" at their Church.

We strive to change the inner man through Godly values so lacking in the world today. Astounding results are realized as they learn and put to practice these values: character integrity, how to relate and socially interact with their fellow-man, their responsibilities to God, their Saviour Jesus Christ, country, community, and family. Many return to provide for and live with their families or to being a more valuable asset to themselves and their community.
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